The Agular CMS for St Vincent de Paul
Partnering with SVdP Georgia for 4 years, Agular Systems worked carefully with Vincentians to identify the use cases and technical requirements necessary to design a fully featured next generation electronic records system. The result is a fully featured case management suite with a comprehensive integrated payment tracking and disbursement system.

    Casework Advantages       Treasury Advantages
Search Matching Existing Relationships Monitors Cash and Outstanding Balances
Elligibility Assessment in Real Time Traces Assistance payments directly to Client and Case Record
Route Cases to the Right Team or Member Error Prevention and Audit Support
Collecting Consistent Details for those in need Automatic Report Generation (Monthly and Annual)
Pre-Populated Detailed Casework forms Detailed Transaction Reporting(Direct and In-Kind)
Tracks Minutes and Miles for Visit Team Improved Transparency and Accountability
Check Requests Mapped to Direct Aid Report Lines Support for Accrual Calculations and Projected Liabilities

To explore the sort of advantages CMS can offer your conference, download this blank case record form that is currently used by caseworkers during home visits.

Offering a series of optional work-flow models, the system aids member volunteers giving real-time access to client data. It helps in the tracking and streamlining of assistance requests, manages client relationships over time, and has a full suite of treasury and reporting functionality that aids with the generation of the national conference level reporting. It also allows for standardized operations - easing the process of volunteer transition and quality of collected data. Council and conference leadership are provided with a greater ability to track everything from types of assistance provided over time to ethnographic data and other metrics. Replacing the traditional by-hand conference tallies improved the quality of the monthly analysis - helping to satisfy the requirements of many grant-related efforts.

Highlights of the Latest Release
Centralized Intake: This allows Diocese wide hotline operations and distribution. This is key for many Vincentian operations across the country as more and more Diocese are finding value in managing and distributing casework based on location and conference financial resources.

Vincentian Program Support: This feature treats CMS as a Data Platform - allowing conferences to refer neighbors to Special Works scenarios within the Diocese. With plug-in workflow components. conferences can attach all sorts of Special Works scenario to CMS, gaining the ability to distribute data, track additional information, and better help those you serve. For example, one could easily pass simple data to a job training program conducted at a local outreach center, collect additional details useful in a local governmental energy assistance effort, track food pantry assistance, or simply manage and track various holiday efforts.

Multi-Month Financial Reporting: The mandatory SVDP USA treasury reporting is a quarterly hassle for many treasurers. CMS allows them to generate these reports over any multi-month span on demand with the push of a button.

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